Hey Super Moms!

Super Twin Mom was created for Super Women that are changing the world, DAILY – that includes YOU!

Hi!  My name is Cari Adams, I am the creator of Super Twin Mom and I am so happy to have you join our site.  A little bit about me, I am a single twin mom of 4 (going on 24) year old boys: Caden & Cameron!  They mean the absolute world to me, they also tend to keep me extremely busy at the same time, go figure!  I’m a proud homeowner of a “fixer-upper” home-built in 1976, where I tend to do many DIY projects on my free time.  Finally, I’m a sales manager, I work full-time in Corporate America to provide for my family.

My journey to motherhood was not the easiest, but it has taught me so much about love, friends, family and my faith.  I’d like to bring you along on this journey with me, to share the ups (and the downs) of our story, but more importantly to get some of these thoughts that are in my head out to the world.

I truly believe that there are so many topics about being a women that are only discussed in your favorite girls group text and so many times I have a different group to talk about different issues:

  1. I go to my “mom friends” about stuff for the boys
  2. I go to my “homeowner friends” when it comes to decorating the house or doing DIY projects
  3. I talk to my “college girls” about my career, my finance planning and next steps
  4. I have my “petty group” where we talk about current events in Hollywood (well, really I just read in there because I only follow the lives of two celebs:Tamera Mowry-Housely & Tia Mowry-Hadrick – I’m sure the TWIN thing helps hehe)

Instead of keeping these AMAZING topics on my group chats, starting now, I want to share them with you, share them with the world.  I’m ready for this journey of self-discovery and to step into a new (for me!) world of vulnerability.


Cari F. Adams