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Super Disney Trip: How I prepared!

Well, we are back from Disney, and let me just tell you: it was AAAH-MA-ZING!

This was our 2nd family visit to Orlando and I felt a lot less overwhelmed by the parks, but by no means am I a pro!  It required a ton of prep work and even more ENERGY (lol).   Before even packing our bags, we needed a plan of action for the week, my boys are 4 (almost 5) so I wanted the most Pre-K/K friendly parks as possible. I knew Magic Kingdom was a MUST, even though they had already been for their 3rd birthday (we had to go back to the castle), after doing research Epcot was the most Pre-K/K friendly (40” and over can ride ALL of the rides!!). I used this awesome site to decide which days to go to each Disney park (especially with us going during peak season).   In order to get a taste of Animal Kingdom, we ended up doing dinner at Sanaa, where they were able to see the animals. ☺️

My boys LOVE Legos and they are the perfect age for legoland, so we added that to the agenda as well, even though it wasn’t exactly in my budget, thanks grandma! Legoland Florida is about 50 minutes away from Kissimmee, so a little bit more of a drive, but absolutely worth it!

Final Family Agenda:

• Saturday: Travel Day

• Sunday: Epcot

• Monday: Pool/Rest & Relax

• Tuesday:  Legoland, dinner at Sanaa @ Animal Kingdom Resort

• Wednesday: Magic Kingdom

• Thursday: Pool/Rest & Relax

• Friday: Travel Day

In addition to planning the agenda, of course we needed our shirts for photo ops!  We went on the trip with close friends, so I wanted to ensure we all had cute shirts that matched.  I designed and printed the shirts, unfortunately I waited until the last minute before we left, as usual trying to be a Super Twin Mom, and I only completed one set of shirts 😩.   I decided I would just finish when we got to Orlando, unfortunately I left my cord (super smart, not so much!) and ended up purchasing shirts from Walmart for our day at Magic Kingdom.

Quick Tip: Walmart has a lot of the same Disney souvenirs for half the price, make a quick stop there before you get to the park! 😌

I’m not going to lie, I was super pissed at myself, I tried everything to get a new cord, but it just didn’t work out.  In the end, the shirts I bought and put some writing on: turned out just fine!

We got so many compliments on the shirts I made, that I’ve decided to create a Disney Family t-shirt line! These are the shirts from the trip, and they will be available soon!!

Lesson Learned:  Life is going to happen (it ALWAYS does!), while I want to be able to do EVERYTHING for my kids ALL the time, I can’t, and that’s okay! ☺️

The last, but maybe the most important piece for the parks were the FastPass+ selections. Disney gives you the chance to essentially make a reservation for three rides per day. I used their Walt Disney World App, connected the group tickets under my account, and then was able to select our Fast Pass+ rides for each day about a week before we went. Disney allows you to select Fast Pass+ times 30 days before your selected date, so the sooner you do it the best times and rides you can get!

My best recommendation is to make some sort of plan before you head to the parks, it will just make your trip that much better!



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