Super Surprise

Did I mention Disney was a surprise!?! Ohhh – Emmm – Geeee…  I still can’t believe I pulled this surprise off!  My family just got back from an awesome trip to Disney and I have to tell you how we surprised the boys for a trip of a lifetime!  I already knew that I wanted to tell them in a super special way, but I also wanted to keep them busy during our 14 hour car ride! (Yes, we drove! Yikes!!)

I found these super cute tags on Pinterest by eighteen25.com and used them to create goodie bags for the boys to open through the car ride.  I went to Target (multiple locations) and the dollar store and found random trinkets that could keep them busy through the ride: crayons, coloring books, snacks, slime (probably wasn’t smart in a rental car – whoops! Lol)

There were 8 bags per kid, 3 kids, 24 total bags.  They were supposed to open the bags at different times; it gave them something to look forward to and gave their eyes rest from electronics the entire trip!  The first bag had a cute road trip game, a pair of Mickey Mouse socks and this note:

We sat the boys down on the steps, after the car was packed and ready to go, so they already knew SOMETHING was going on… We had all of the kids put in their guess: Tyler said we were going to New York, Cameron said we were going to the beach and Caden said we were going to Chuck E. Cheese.  We gave them the bags that said open at 9AM, they opened it and of course the note was the first thing ALL of them threw to the side (lol).  They saw the road trip game and the Mickey socks; they kind of looked at us like we were crazy!  So, I took the note and read it to them!  Cameron and Tyler were so excited; Caden started crying, he really wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese… Once I calmed him down, they were all excited and off to Disney World we went!

The bags worked out very well, except for the timing on some: we made it to North Carolina before we stopped for gas and they were sleep before we made it to the state of Florida, no complaints there!  Great news was that evening we made it to our rental home safely and ready for our SUPER fun week in Orlando!



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