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Super Twin Mom of the Month: Lauren!

Happy May Everyone!! 

I can NOT believe that it is MAY already, I feel like this year is FLYING!  I have so many exciting things to launch and share, but I have to say time has really taken a toll on me – where did it go?  Enough about me, I am so excited because with a new month brings a new SUPER TWIN MOM of the Month!  This month, I am very happy to dedicate May to an AMAZING woman: Lauren Silva.  Lauren and I know each other very well, we lived together for 3 years in college and can you believe it, she has TWINS too!  (Yes, I agree it was definitely something in the water!)

I had an opportunity to connect with Lauren and I absolutely wanted to share her insights with each of you:

Tell me about yourself and your family…

Sure! I have identical twin girls, Lennon and Jagger who are 11 months old. They were 34 weekers born at 3.2 lbs and 3.12lbs born April 3rd 2017. They’re getting ready to celebrate their 1st birthday and my husband Jovan and I are getting ready to celebrate the fact that we survived the first year with minimal trauma. They are VERY BUSY babies and we spend A LOT of time chasing them. 


When you’re not on full Mommy duty, what do you like to do?

This is a good question. Becoming a mommy to twins has required so much mental and physical energy that I really am just now starting to rediscover the things I like to do when I have free time. I’ve had to re-prioritize my energy and explore how I really want to spend the minimal amount of free time I have.  Lately, that’s been working on a side business I have with my husband and some friends of ours – C&S Materials. Check it out here!


What is the best thing about being a TWIN Mommy?

The best thing about being a twin mommy is that my girls are a part of this exclusive club where they came into the world with a partner in crime. They are just now starting to really enjoy each other and that’s fun to watch. 


What is the hardest thing about being a twin mom? 

This list is long, but I think the hardest thing for me is only being one person and trying to make sure I am giving each one their own time and attention. I never want them to feel like I pay one more attention to the other so navigating that can be tough for me. Also, I find it really difficult to get from the door to the car with bags and babies in tow, now that they’ve outgrown their infant carrier. 


What was your reaction when you found out you were having twins?

I didn’t find out I was having twins until I was almost 20 weeks along (yes that still happens!). I was surprised to find out I was pregnant. To find out there were two was pretty shocking, especially after having multiple scans, etc. I think my immediate reaction was to make sure the second baby wasn’t some sort of teratoma and that it was a normal, healthy fetus. Then, I became very upset with my husband, as if he had planned to turn my life upside down with news of a second baby. I then spent the next week or so scared to death thinking about the logistics and practicality of having two infants that would likely be born prematurely, under weight and needing a stay in the NICU. It was literally like the stages of grief. Somewhere around 33 weeks once I had figured how we were going to work a second baby into this plan that we never had to begin with, I allowed myself to relax a bit. But honestly, I don’t think I really allowed myself to get excited until after the babies were born and came home from the hospital. 


Please give any advice that you’d like to share with twin (or any) moms out there.

I think the best advice I can give is to listen to your own instincts about parenting. People, especially those closest to you, will try to tell you what you need to do as far as raising your kids go, and they do it out of love – BUT at the end of the day, your babies are your babies and no one knows them better than you. So apply whatever filter you need to put on the solicited and unsolicited advice and do your own thing. This goes for all moms, but especially twin moms because having twins is a different experience than having one baby (I imagine…) and what works for singletons doesn’t necessarily work when you have two. It’s definitely uncharted territory, so whatever you have to do to keep your family healthy, happy and sane, DO THAT!

Lauren, Jovan, Lennon and Jagger

I truly enjoy the opportunity to speak with other TWIN moms to know that I am not alone in this, and I hope you enjoy hearing from them as well!  If you know of a Super Twin Mom that should be featured as Super Twin Mom of the Month, please like, comment and share so we can feature these awesome mommas!




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