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Kimberly Harris Talks SUPERWOMAN.

Trying something a bit different today; I’d like to PROUDLY introduce a GUEST blogger Kimberly Harris to SuperTwinMom.Com !! Kim & I met many years ago: she came into the DC Radio Scene from Houston Radio when I was leaving, but luckily through mutual friends we were able to connect!!

Kim is the owner of Catch 22 Boutique, a fabulous online consignment & home design shop – make sure to check it out and follow her & her boutique on Instagram! Kim is actually NOT a twin mom, and that’s okay, it’s perfect actually because my platform is not ONLY for twin moms. Yes, twin moms are awesome, amazing & important – and let’s be clear I AM a TWIN MOM, but is for EVERYONE that has a desire or an inkling that they have too much on your plate, you can PUSH through and live out the true purpose for your life! ❤️ Kim is also the person who has pushed me to do my own thing for the last 6+ years AND called me a Superwoman when I was DIYing my bathroom (which in turn gave me the idea of Super Twin Mom!) – sooo yes, she’s AMAZING! ❤️



A boss. A wife. A mom. A SUPERWOMAN. I was running a mile a minute on my never ending to-do list (I have to-do lists for my to-do lists; always!), and trying to stay on my self-inflicted (gun wound-bc shoot ME) schedule, while texting my friend Cari. Trying to (last minute) figure out my son’s 2nd birthday shenanigans, and realized, SHIT! I have to do everything, and for whatever reason (thank you for looking out Jesus—my main man), I SEEM to always pull EVERYTHING off with it all looking flawless. What insecurities? Did the house burn down?? Nah, because almost doesn’t count, and social media would never know that anyway, haha. I’m a freaking superwoman!

All this black girl magic wrapped up in my daily life that to some, may seem mundane. Entrepreneurs know how hard it is to be one, mothers know how hard it is to be one of those, and wives can definitely attest to how much work it is to be one of those…now throw in all 3?! Whew. Woah. Man. Insert glass of wine. Anxiety just thinking about it…

Most of us do these things daily, without a second thought. Work, cook, clean (something—because again, always), change diapers—or for us right now—attempt to potty train, clean some more, and somehow fit in working out, eating right, work/run a business—post on IG for said business or write your blog posts…oh AND sex. Don’t forget that. Oh wait–& a social life. What exactly is that? That goes along with sleep. Important, but never enough. My days are never long enough. My sleep never long enough. & the bags under my eyes—too long.

**I used to have a GREAT memory—well still do so don’t try me—but REALLY great…that was before the baby. Everything was before the baby it seems, haha. I write down everything now. Create all kinds of alerts, and notifications. The day, I realized I was a freaking superwoman, was no different either. **

Ok, so back to the fact that I was on the phone with Cari—trying to figure out the t-shirts for Jackson’s birthday…I learned a long time ago, to stay in my lane, right?! Well, creativity in the teacher/grandma/mom way, is not my forte. Cari was texting to REMIND me to finalize what the hell I wanted from her & I’m like oh, yeah—it’s on my list…but since it isn’t my strong point, it kinda kept getting pushed to the 3rd & 4th lists, but that day, Cari, being the superwoman she is, was like, nah bih, I need this info… On this day, I’m feeling like I have to do everything (according to my husband—I’m constantly trying to manage his time), especially if I want it done by a particular time, so I texted & said to Cari (when I should’ve been finalizing t-shirt ideas for her), I need a superwoman shirt—with a period at the end, because that’s what I feel like—period.

Cari: that’s great!  Then sends me font options, color options, etc…WOAH!

A few days later, Cari: so did you think about what color?

Me: Red, or purple, or something. She sends me different fonts on different colors…team too much.

**Insert one of THE BEST things about being a Superwoman, knowing when to delegate!!!**

Again, this is not my forte, so I finally respond with: too many choices!

Cari: I’ll surprise you.

Me: perfect!


Cari: What about the shirts for Jackson

Me (basically): Surprise me on those too lmao!

& with that note, it was officially checked off my to-do list—whoo hoo!

Wearing so many crowns is hard. & don’t get sick or have anything wrong with you because you still have to wear the crown…

A black woman is going to save the world—because we are super heroes!!

& with that, this blog post is officially checked off my Superwoman list 😘

Ladies, just when you think you have to ask yourself why you have to do everything, just remember it’s because it one of your super powers. 💁🏽‍♀️

Cheers – Kimmy

Kim & her son Jackson rocking their custom Super Twin Mom handmade shirts

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