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Meditation Monday: Spa Day

My mind begins to wonder, specifically about that breakfast I had this morning, not the food but the “friend,” for all intensive purposes we will call him Harry (lol – random, but it works!)  I’m thinking: “what did Harry really mean when he said that?”  “Could there be potential here?” “Cari, don’t over think it, just go with the flow!” “Stop thinking about anything – just relax, think about a beach.  Okay, I’m at a beach!  I’m at a beach in – umm – Spain!  No, wait, I’m in Greece!  Laying…. relaxing… the sun feels great, with a slight breeze.  Someone is next to me, I hope that it’s…” “Harry!” “No, Cari, stop over thinking this..” “We would be so cute together, total opposites, probably never meant for each other… but, it could work!” “Focus, Cari! You’re at the beach, remember! Greece, it’s so beautiful and relaxing!” ***here comes the massage therapist*** “So how are your parents?  Do you all still go to that church?  Or, do they just go and you visit sometimes?” — “Ma’am, we all attend church every Sunday, same place.”  and in my mind: “shut the hell up and let me get back to my thoughts: Harry, wait, no relaxation, but – what if??” … and slowly, I begin to fall asleep.  She taps me, tells me the massage is over and it’s time to get up.  I say okay, and go right. back. to. SLEEP!!


I took the day off to have a ME day and actually planned a trip to the spa!  I wanted and I got the works: detox soak, full body massage AND a facial!  If you remember, in my recent post I talked about living my life the way I want to; one of the ways was to “dedicate more time for myself to do mindless activities.”  The intent of today was to do JUST THAT and be even more relaxed than just chillin’ on my couch.

After the boys were dropped off, I went to breakfast with an old friend and then I headed to the spa!  I swear the detox soak removed so much stress and tension from my body!  It felt like my worries were melting away into the tub; I happened to look at some magazines and found an article highlighting successful woman and how they excelled in their career; but for the first time it wasn’t about being CEO at this company or VP at that company.  These woman were “self-made” (and not like Kylie Jenner Self-Made either) – they were hard working woman that came from not much to having a great idea and working their plan!  The article also mentioned their ages and they ranged from 20s to 30s to even 60s!  This reminded me that 1. I am on the right path & 2 the world is changing, and there are many ways to grow and be successful!  Don’t you love how God sprinkles encouragement in just the right places!?!?!?!!

When I got into the massage room, my goal was to RELAX – and then of course my massage therapist comes in and freaking KNOWS me! Go figure!  That was not going to stop me, I thought to myself, I don’t mind that you know me, as long as you are still going to give me a bomb massage!  So she begins her massage and starts talking to me – trying to catch up and I am thinking, girl I am TRYING to RELAX! Once I finally fell asleep, it was over and my body was in a complete state of relaxation – yes! It’s working, I am finally taking care of myself!

After I left the spa for the day I called my mom to tell her all about it!  I told her how it was tough at first to truly relax, and how my mind was constantly wondering.  She told me that’s why people are afraid to relax, they don’t want to spend time with themselves.  How real is that?  She is such a gem!  I am not going to lie, I had some serious anxiety when I left my phone in my locker.  What would I do between services?  I won’t be able to scroll Instagram??  It was initially intimidating to just be with myself in my own mind, but the results were remarkable!  The ability to spend time with myself and get to ultimate relaxation, even with my silly thoughts.  When was the last time you were able to truly relax?  No phone, no work, no kids, nothing holding you back from spending time with YOURSELF?  Before today, I couldn’t tell you when the last time was that I did it!

To prevent myself from waiting God knows how long, I am officially declaring Mondays – Meditation Monday here at Super Twin Mom!  I absolutely am not at a place where I can afford to 1 take off every Monday or 2 go to the spa every Monday; but what I can do is spend time on MYSELF!  So, from now on I have this commitment to myself:

  1. Minimum of 30 minutes of meditation EVERY Monday.
  2. I will write about and POST (no matter what time I finish writing) what my Monday Meditation consisted of!
  3. I will get you to join in with me!

Are you ready?  Let’s dedicate at minimum this 30 minutes to regain our mind, body and soul for the good! 🙂



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