Meditation Monday,  Super Self Care

Meditation Monday: Week 2

Taking 20 minutes to myself seemed nearly impossible today! From the moment I woke up, I was moving – posting shirt pictures on @shop_super_twin_mom, Meditation Monday inspiration on @super_twin_mom Insta-stories, and getting the boys ready for the day. And to think I needed to shower too!

The minute I dropped the boys off, I began to stress about my to-do list for the rest of the day, knowing that I needed to go into the office (not a typical day for me). I began to pray for strength, for peace that surpasses all understanding, and for the serenity to to accept the things I cannot change. Knowing that I wanted to spend some time in meditation today, I wanted to have a calm spirit throughout my entire day, no matter what happened. This was all of a two minute conversation with myself. Unfortunately Meditation Monday was not checked off the to-do list yet!! As much as I wanted to, it wasn’t about to happen now–time to get in the car, start some business calls ,and drive to the office for a day full of meetings!

Self Respect… Vinyl Decal on the wall in my inspiration room.

I finished at the office, and had to run to target, ship shirts, pick up the boys, prepare a presentation for work, and two presentations for Super Twin Mom clients – Shit! I still need to meditate! Do I even have 20 minutes to spare? I need to cook dinner and honestly I’d rather just SLEEP!

I got home and stopped. I remembered that if I don’t take time for myself, I will never be fully present at home, at work, or in my business. One of my close friends had sent me Oprah’s 21-day meditation, so I’m letting the boys play, going to my inspiration room/office, and I’m doing it! I turned on my diffuser, put in stress relief oil, turned on the meditation, and closed my eyes.

Today’s meditation was titled: “My intention holds the key to fulfillment.” (Deep breath in) “My intention holds the key to fulfillment” (Release). I laid on my mat and took deep breaths focusing on my intentions, and mostly my peace. Recognizing that for me, I am fulfilled when I am at peace. My intention holds the key to my peace! Wow! This comes full circle for me because at my church our theme for this year is “Intentional Living,” and for many months I have been looking for peace. If my peace comes from my intentions then I have to focus on my intentions and the end result will be peace!

My prayer for today was peace, and by being still I learned that I have to intentionally create my own peace on purpose! I hope that you were able to take 20 minutes today to meditate. If not, you still have time!



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