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Super Twin Mom of The Month: Melinda B.

It’s August already! Can you believe it?  I know I’m not ready.  Between back to school prep with the boys and entering a busy season at work – Lord, be with me!  I’d like to introduce our August Super Twin Mom of the month: Melinda Bosquet, also known as Mel!  Mel is an absolutely beautiful soul that I met in college and then insta-stalked over the last few years through her journey into marriage.  You should seriously follow her and look back at the AMAZING adventure her and her husband went on following their wedding #LeTourDesBosquet.

Mel & The Girls

Let’s take a look at how she takes on being a wife, mom of beautiful twin girls, and a full time global career!

Tell me about yourself, your career, and your family. Twins? Names? Ages? Significant other?

  1. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and identical twin daughters, Anna Lucia (Lulu) and Camelia (Cam). I manage business operations for the Northeast and Canada for a water security company, sit on the board for the National Association of Women MBAs, and am in the process of starting a subsidiary nonprofit focused on empowering women leaders. The girls are almost 6 months old and, though an unexpected surprise, have been the greatest thing to happen to our lives. Through all of the busy chaos, coming home to two smiling faces every day is a constant joy.

Can you talk about what it’s like to manage a full time career and have twins?

  1. Managing a full time career and being a mother is a difficult daily I often feel I have it all figured out until something happens to show me I actually don’t! If I don’t organize and manage my time accordingly, I will be all over the place- literally. I’ve found that creating lists through apps like Wunderlist to prioritize time is helpful but truly I have to thank my husband and my “village.” Without them and their support, I am not sure how I would manage. A lot of working mothers feel guilt or shame if they can’t do it all themselves but I’ve found that being able to ask for help is the true key to sustaining and growing a career while mothering twins.

When you’re not on mommy duty, what do you like to do?

  1. When I am not on mommy duty, I enjoy traveling and making new recipes. I have a long list of both places I want to visit and recipes I want to try.

What is the best thing about being a twin mommy?

  1. There are so many great things about being a twin mom, but my favorite thing is being able to watch my girls’ bond flourish. I am so glad they have each other to go through life with.

What is the hardest thing about being a twin mom?

  1. Other than how much time it takes to actually leave the house sometimes, the hardest thing about being a twin mom is the guilt I feel if I spend more time with one and not the other. Every day one needs me more than the other one and I often feel bad I cannot give each of them 100% of my attention!

What was your reaction when you found out you were having twins? Please give any advice that you’d like to share with twin (or any) moms our there.

  1. We found out we were having twins the week we moved to NYC from Pittsburgh! As you could imagine, in the midst of unpacking and sitting in an apartment we chose based on the needs of two people and not four, we were in total shock. We had so many questions and concerns but now 6 months into it, the reality is you just make it work. A piece of guidance for any expecting twin mom is that the fear of the unknown of what to expect is much more overwhelming than being in the thick of it. When you’re first told you’re expecting twins, there are many fears running through your mind especially, “How the hell am I going to manage?”. The truth is, all mothers are resilient, strong, and can truly overcome all of the hardships that come with adjusting to life with two babies at once. Some days are so much harder than others and on those days don’t be scared to ask for help! In addition, self-care is a must. Go to the gym, get a massage, binge watch your favorite show alone for a few hours-anything that makes you feel rejuvenated! Don’t feel bad for taking time for yourself- a better woman mentally is a better mother.
The Bosquet Family

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